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 I am Ben Pellom, U.S. Navy Retired. In the past I have worked as a real estate agent, in art development, and taught banjo and guitar. I now devote much of my time to researching the planets for signs of extraterrestrial life. I decided some time back to immerse myself in all things UFO and extraterrestrial for the purpose of finding out for myself whether they actually do exist. Using the various NASA satellite imagery resources on my PC, I have amassed a sizable amount of surface images that point to intelligent life and design on Uranus, Earth's moon, and earth. I have reached the point that there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that intelligent life and design do indeed exist outside of planet earth. Research is ongoing for further discoveries. Anyone taking the time to look through my website, PellomPlanetaryResearch.com, can see for themselves that we are not alone in the universe.

Instructions are on this website that anyone with rudimentary PC and photo adjustment skills can use to capture their own images of Uranus, Earth's moon, and earth. Also there are brief videos on my YouTube channel "Ben Pellom" that can help in capturing images.

Tom Huppert followed the instructions on this website to quickly start capturing images on earth's moon, and Uranus. His Youtube channel is: "tommytacoma."

In my efforts to get my images out to the public I have thus far been on Nicholas Veniamin's Shoe, David Zublick's Dark Outpost Show, Dani Henderson's Show, and Greg Schumacher's Rise Up Radio Show,  and Theresa Morris Radio Show.

​Below are some of the free resources I use:

Google Earth Pro
Worldwide Telescope
Google Maps Space
Bing Maps Aerial

Ben Pellom
472 Poteet Way
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Email:  bpellom@gmail.com

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Copyright 2020 PellomPlanetaryResearch.com. All rights reserved.
Ben Pellom