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    I am Ben Pellom, U.S. Navy Retired. In the past I have worked as a real estate agent, in art development, and taught banjo and guitar. I now devote much of my time to researching the planets, including the earth and moons, for signs of extraterrestrial life.

    I decided some time back to immerse myself in all things UFO and extraterrestrial for the purpose of finding out for myself whether they actually do exist. Using the various NASA satellite imagery resources listed below I have amassed a sizable amount of surface images that point to intelligent life and design on a majority of the planets and moons in our solar system.  I have reached  the point that there is not the slightest doubt in my mind that intelligent life and design do indeed exist on the  planets and moons including earth. Research is ongoing for further discoveries. Anyone taking the time to look through my websites, PellomPlanetaryResearch.com and ETisHere.com can see for themselves that there is intelligent life about everywhere.

    To capture surface images of the other planets of our solar system and on earth in bodies of water like the ones posted on this website I use one of the below publicly available and free computer software. Keep in mind that the quality of the images depends on the degree of calmness, light, depth and clarity of the water. I make absolutely no alterations to the objects, only adjust lighting, contrast saturation, etc. to see the objects as clearly as possible. 

NOTE: To prove to yourself that there are indeed structures in the bodies of water I have listed on this website just launch Google Earth Pro, Worldwide Telescope, Zoom Earth or one of the other Satellite imaging software, and zoom into a given location and wait for a few seconds and watch the algorithm kick in covering the body of water to obscure or prevent you from seeing what's there. Zoom in on the ground away from the water body and you will see that the algorithm does not kick in.

Google Earth Pro
Worldwide Telescope
Google Maps Space
Bing Maps Aerial

I also have a website called ETisHere.com  On it I post photos of the underwater complexes that I have discovered on earth.

Ben Pellom
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Email:  bpellom@gmail.com

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Copyright 2020 PellomPlanetaryResearch.com. All rights reserved.
Ben Pellom